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Do residents date their medstudents or nurses? Student Doctor. So if they tell you they will meet you for dinner at pm, do not expect that to really happen… Do residents date nurses in the hospital or students on the ward? id never ever date anyone in the medical profession, but i am curious. i do.

Things I Learned Dating A Med Student - xoJane That person has a life, a job, friends, family, and feelings too. This should include all exams, study s, study time, rotations, interviews, study time, study time, study time. Things I Learned Dating A Med Student. Medical students hardly have enough time to learn how to not people, let alone maintain a healthy relationship.

Good idea to date a med student? - ValueMD They have worked incredibly hard to get where they are (and I’m sure you have too), but unfortunately, their schedules (especially 3 year and residency) do not flex for anyone else in their life. You may have been told or feel otherwise, but that is a lie. I've heard that dating a med student is a no-no, but I have also heard that it can work if the two are a great match. So, I was wondering if it was worth it to have.

Medical Students & Dating 4 things you need to know If you have decided to involve someone on your crazy doctor journey, then you need to sacrifice a little too. Remarks on Medical Students & Dating 4 things you need to know. Dating a med student is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever been through.

Dating Nurses? Student Doctor Network This journey you are on, is so far from normal, it’s not even funny. But if it’s during their 3Communicating is so simple, yet it never is that easy. Just remember to not compare yourself to other couples, understanding your relationship is unique. One of our prelims last year was dating a nurse before he left to go to his. And one day that cute med student mht be in your chain of.

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